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Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches specializes in wound and neurological healing.

About Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches

Our Mission

Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches is committed to providing a high-quality, effective and safe treatment to all our patients and their families. In fact, Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches is the first free standing facility in South Florida to receive accreditation from JCAHO.

We have chosen to participate in this voluntary accreditation process to measure our facility against national standards reflecting what healthcare professionals agree is most important in providing the highest quality and safest hyperbaric oxygen therapy available.

Opened in early 2008, Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches is a new construction, state-of-the-art facility featuring four new Seachrist monoplace chambers. Seachrist Industries, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for over 30 years and has earned the reputation as the worldwide leader in quality and safety. Our chambers are installed and maintained by the manufacturer in accordance with the highest standards. Here at Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches, hyperbaric therapy is administered by trained technicians and supervised by an on-site hyperbaric trained physician. Strict protocols are posted and meticulously followed prior to each treatment to eliminate any risk to the safety of the patient while inside the chamber. These precautions include but are not limited to: wearing 100% cotton clothing, as well as, the obvious exclusion of anything brought into the chamber such as reading material, cell phones, iPods, medical devices, etc.

If you have any questions regarding our facility or our safety guidelines, please feel free to contact me or any member of our team.

Connie Governale

What is JCAHO?

JCAHO is the Joint Commission Accredited Health Organization, an independent, not-for-profit organization which sets the nation’s preeminent standard and accreditation in the healthcare industry. 

Why is it important?

This voluntary accreditation process measures our facility against national standards reflecting what healthcare professionals agree is most important in providing the highest quality and safest Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy available.

Who are members?

Most of the prestigious medical centers in the United States are JCAHO members.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with Pressurized Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), is a medical treatment in which a patient receives 100% oxygen under pressure while in a chamber. The word hyperbaric means “atmospheric pressure greater than sea level”. The air we breathe is approximately 21% oxygen. During a hyperbaric treatment you will breathe 100% pure oxygen while under pressure.

The pressure increases the amount of oxygen at the cellular level, aiding the body’s natural healing process. The higher pressurized level of oxygen your blood carries to body tissue accelerates the healing of tissue damage. The extra oxygen helps fight bacteria and triggers the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing. 

This increase in pressure allows the oxygen to reach bone and tissue, increases the white blood cell formation and promotes the new creation of peripheral and capillary vessels.

HBOT has been used internationally for many years. In some countries HBOT is standard treatment for many conditions. In the United States, numerous studies are generating a new force of interest in HBOT. It is becoming a commonly recognized therapy. Education is a key element in bringing this treatment to the forefront.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is noninvasive, safe and works well with other treatments. It is also found to be very cost-effective. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the AMA (American Medical Association) approve this treatment for many conditions.

Patient Testimonials

Radiation treatment for an oral tumor left me with a non healing cavity in my mouth. My doctor suggested Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Thanks to the wonderful care given to me at the Hyperbaric Services of the Palm Beaches. 


I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996. Since that time I have tried traditional medicinal therapies, homeopathy, accupuncture, MS diets, nutritional therapies, NAET, NET, vitamins, herbals, physical therapy and chelation. 


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000. Since then I have tried far too many traditional MS medications and alternative therapies to even list. I was horribly allergic to every one of the medications and have spent numerous nights in the ER. 


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